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A while ago I was reading the “Waltzing with Bears: Managing Risk on Software Projects” book by Tom DeMarco and Timothy Lister, and there was a paragraph in there that jumped at me:

There is probably no job on earth for which an ability to believe six impossible things before breakfast is more of a requirement than software project management. We are routinely expected to work ourselves into a state of believing in a deadline, a budget, or a performance factor that time subsequently may prove to be impossible.

One of the lies we sadly still believe is that Waterfall…

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November 2020 saw the release of a new version of the Scrum Guide, an update that also coincides with Scrum’s anniversary of 25 years. This version introduced quite a few changes, but I want to briefly mention just a few of them:

  • The guide now clearly mentions that you can deliver multiple Increments within a Sprint, not just one Increment at the end of the Sprint.
  • It also says that the Review should never be considered a gate to release value.
  • Another change is that some commitments were introduced; for the Increment, this comes in the form of the Definition…

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I’m one of the users on Stack Overflow that follows the [soap] tag and, from time to time, someone inevitably asks if a SOAP web service can function without a WSDL, or why is the SOAP service still working even after the WSDL was moved some place else or can’t be accessed anymore, or something along those lines. The questions are asked by people that are not familiar with SOAP and WSDL and don’t fully grasp the two concepts yet.

I’ve answered such questions a few times before and thought that it’s about time to write a more detailed explanation…

Agile doesn’t have a strict definition. People look at Agile and see different things. You can think of it as an idea, a philosophy, a mindset, or as an umbrella term for several practices. Sometimes it’s a methodology, a process, or a buzzword.

Agile at its core is a manifesto. A declaration. Four values and twelve principles that put forth a set of ideas to help you think differently about software development, as an alternative to heavyweight methodologies, with rigid and restrictive practices and processes, often bureaucratic, documentation driven, and demotivating with unrealistic demands.

The values and principles are, in…

It’s spring of 2021. I’m looking over some Scrum Master job descriptions on LinkedIn and various recruitment websites. What I see is text copied from the Scrum Guide as to what a Scrum Master’s responsibilities should be to the team, product owner, and the organization…. aaaaand a bunch of red flags!

Twenty years have passed since the appearance of the Manifesto for Agile Software Development, and more than ten years since the first publication of the Scrum Guide. …

D. Petre Bogdan

Involved in software development for the past 15+ years, in various roles. Author of “Quicksands of Software Development”:

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